WEEK 23 - 2018

Onderwerp: WEEK 23 - 2018

Datum: 29-07-2021

Door: Oduvan4ikblem

Onderwerp: Oduvan4ikblem Up!

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Datum: 13-08-2019

Door: Alex Foster

Onderwerp: Harry

Hi Harry! How are you?

If you are reading this be sure I haven't forgotten you and I don't give up hope that someday you'll return to here.

Till then, take care and recharge your batteries!! All the best and thank you for all the things you have done for us and the wonderful music you shared with us.

Datum: 11-02-2019

Door: Rafael (Olivares68)

Onderwerp: Regards

Dear Harry, how are you? For some time we have not heard from you, in case you come back open or make another blog you tell us.

You need the exclusive and beautiful music that you climbed in this fantastic page

Thank you for sharing a lot with us



Datum: 01-03-2019

Door: HP

Onderwerp: New Member

I tried to get a membership but there is no possibility to register. I have payed the fee :-((

Datum: 09-12-2018

Door: Stephen Schmidt

Onderwerp: Any news About Lounge Legends?


I can't stop wondering (and worrying) about you. I am enjoying Christmas tunes from years past, and thinking about all the great music you made available--most of it virtually unavailable anyplace else. I've noted the disappearance of links and libraries over the last six months, and suspect that Lounge Legends is about to leave us forever. I'm very sad about that. It would be a shame to lose so much work and music history.

Please let us know that you are OK.


Datum: 09-12-2018

Door: Stephen Schmidt

Onderwerp: The Future of Lounge Legends


I can't stop wondering (and worrying) about you. I'm enjoying Christmas music from years past and am concerned about the future. Are you OK? Please let us know.


Datum: 20-10-2018

Door: Darko

Onderwerp: time out

Hai Harry,
Plenty of time past from the last choice of instrumentals for every week this year. So kindly just let us know how and when
will you return .

Best regards,


Datum: 12-10-2018

Door: Brian Mitchell

Onderwerp: Where are you?

Missing you and your music like crazy. Please come back soon. Weekends not the same. If it helps every 2 weeks would be better than nothing.

Datum: 20-09-2018

Door: Alberto Gateno

Onderwerp: Time Out - 9-20-2018

Dear Harry: You don't even answer messages as you stated, so kindly just let us know how is your health and if you ever will come back.. Best regards,

Datum: 01-09-2018

Door: Alberto Gateno

Onderwerp: Time Out

Dear Harry: Your break has been much too long--Not that you don't deserve it, but I am truly worried about your health. Kindly let us know you are OK--Best regards,

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