WEEK 23 - 2018

Onderwerp: WEEK 23 - 2018

Datum: 06-08-2018

Door: yasser85

Onderwerp: Week23

Thank you to share these albums of legends with us

Datum: 27-07-2018

Door: Alberto Gateno

Onderwerp: time out

Dear Harry:
Like I said before I am very appreciative of all the great music you have shared and I enjoy a lot.-- Your "vacation" is more than expected, it's necessary--Kindly let me know when you are coming back, I really miss your music.
All the best,

Datum: 24-07-2018

Door: rumblebars

Onderwerp: Beach Break

I have been meaning to post but I guess I never did. Just want to say thank you again for everything over the last decade. I contributed a couple of oddities to you, and more recently re-sent a better version that I had obtained of one of them that you nicely put up. I still tried to donate a handful of Euros your way every year. However I found over the last year or so I wasn't finding many titles I was interested in any more. I was considering letting you retire my slot for someone maybe more enthusiastic than me, so if I'm on that sh*t list, then so be it!

Anyhow, take it easy and recharge your batteries!

Datum: 01-07-2018

Door: Heather PArsons

Onderwerp: Heather

For a good while I have looked forward to each sunday evening when I have some time to download all my sanity for the week. Sometimes I wonder how you do it, others times I thank the universe you do - because frankly I would have gone mad before this if not for all the music Loungelegends gives me to enjoy late at night when it is hard to sleep.
Holidays are long overdue for you so soak up the love, enjoy the sunshine and know that many many people are happy in the world because of your dedication to the music.
Love and hugs,

Datum: 22-06-2018

Door: Fernando Higa

Onderwerp: Thank you Harry!

Hello Harry:
Thank you for all of your wonderful shares during this so many years!! And for your great taste.
Take all the time you need and hope to see you again.
Best regards

Datum: 22-06-2018

Door: Paul Anderson

Onderwerp: best wishes

have a well deserved break Harry

Datum: 16-06-2018

Door: Piet Hemminga

Onderwerp: Oeps!

Hoi Harry,

In eerste instantie even schrikken en in tweede instantie is het allemaal heel begrijpelijk. Het is nogal wat om zoveel gevarieerd materiaal iedere week weer beschikbaar te stellen. Ik kan me goed voorstellen dat je over het vervolg eens de tijd neemt om na te denken.

De afgelopen twee weken mocht ik vakantie vieren in Sardinië en had vooraf mijn telefoon en e-reader met heel veel onbeluisterd LoungeLegends-materiaal gevuld. Ik heb er veel plezier aan gehad en heb waarschijnlijk nog wel voor een paar jaar aan opnames liggen die ik nog moet beluisteren. Want al is er maar één James Last, er waren en zijn nog meer goede orkesten die het beluisteren waard zijn.

Dank voor de afgelopen jaren - neem je tijd - en graag tot ziens.



Datum: 09-06-2018

Door: latinaussierichard

Onderwerp: Time out

Greetings Harry, do not hesitate to contact me if there is help you need, or I can be of assistant in future, somehow.

Datum: 09-06-2018

Door: Paulo

Onderwerp: Time Out

Thanks and good luck!

Datum: 08-06-2018

Door: Brian Mitchell

Onderwerp: future

Hi Harry, so understand your need for a rest. Every week is very tiring. But I for one will miss you. You play the good music that cannot be found anywhere else. Music that is real music not the junk of today.
I hope you will return, til then I will keep watching.
Love for whatever future you decide.

Brian Mitchell

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