WEEK 23 - 2018

Onderwerp: WEEK 23 - 2018

Datum: 05-06-2018

Door: LastForever

Onderwerp: Er even tussen uit

Beste Harry,
ik ben geen man van veel woorden laat staan van lange epistels.
Als je er even tussen uit wil dan moet je dat gewoon doen, zo simpel is dat. Elke week zo veel werk leveren, je moet het maar doen. Te lezen aan al de reacties zal niemand jou dat kwalijk nemen.
Together in music,

Datum: 04-06-2018

Door: Frank

Onderwerp: Time out

Jammer , dit het toe nie verlore gegaan nie.


Datum: 04-06-2018

Door: Frank

Onderwerp: Time out

Hi Harry, thanks for all the good vibes you have shared with us. Enjoy your time out.

The comment from Kevin above made me think. I also have some music I would not mind sharing. But how do I go about it?
Regards Frank.

PS It appears that my previous post from yesterday got lost.

Datum: 04-06-2018

Door: Mike G

Onderwerp: Time out

Dear Harry,

I've had a break myself ... I know you need one once in a while.

One thing that I'd like to suggest is to think of reducing the number of disks you share each week. perhaps down to 10 or a dozen (?). In this way, you'd allow us all to thoroughly enjoy the music, and not so much 'collect' it, as I've been tending to do, while, at the same time, releasing some pressure of managing the site a little each week.

You know how we all love the music. Please don't think of stopping entirely.

Best regards,

Datum: 04-06-2018

Door: Lincoln Grecco

Onderwerp: 3130243818

Thank you Harry for the marvelous songs that you gave us across a lot of years.Have a good rest and come back soon.God bless you and your family.

Datum: 03-06-2018

Door: Bill

Onderwerp: Time out

Thank you for all the great stuff over the years. You will be missed. Look forward to your return. Rest up and enjoy life. It has been awhile since I have contributed and I apologize for that. But please don't drop me and when you return we will start giving again.
Thanks and enjoy.

Datum: 03-06-2018

Door: Edilson dos Santos

Onderwerp: Tempo de reflexão

Parabéns Harry, aprendi muito com sua generosidade e dedicação, com certeza precisa um tempo para um repouso, é muito importante que reflita e considere que isso é um hoppy para todos nós, sendo assim temos que sentir prazer. Após uma pausa merecida aguardamos um retorno. Estamos comvocê meu amigo. Abraço.

Datum: 03-06-2018

Door: olivares68

Onderwerp: Time out

Dear Harry:

Thank you for notifying that there will be a time to rest and take your time, the truth is gratitude in those who follow your blog, for the patience and dedication in sharing music that you have and as well as that shared by other users.

We will be pending, I have some material, maybe you can share it when you come back.

Again, thank you and have a rest and you can do the activities that you are scheduled to do



Datum: 03-06-2018

Door: Renato Argenton

Onderwerp: Time Out

Harry. Tenha um bom descanso , recarregue as suas baterias, como todos nós fazemos. Volte quando estiver com saudades, pois isto é muito necessário.
As vezes também me reservo algum tempo para poder recomeçar.
Nos avise quando estiver ok.
Muito obrigado pelo grande arquivo que você nos disponibilizou.
Um grande abraço, e desculpe-me escrever em português pois meu ingles é muito ruim.
Nos avise quando retormar.
Muito obrigado

Datum: 03-06-2018

Door: cappy

Onderwerp: LL Posts

Hi Harry,

I did have a lot of new albums set up to post to you.

Would you still like me to send them to you?

I understand you need to take a break to take a break but hope the blog will continue in some sort of forum in the future.

Thanks for all the work you do.



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